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12" Reclaim Wafer
Used Tool Refurbishment /Relocation/ Installation
Circuit board/ Relative components/ Robot repair

 Used Tool Refurbishment /Relocation/ Installation

1. Refurbishment for Metrology Tool
  icon KLA Tencor
  icon Hitachi
  icon Vistec (Leica)
  icon ResMap
  icon Regaku
  icon Therma Wave
  icon Bio-Rad
  icon Fusion
  icon Nanametrics

2. Refurbishment for TEL Track
  icon Mark-7
  icon Mark-8
  icon ACT-8
  icon ACT-12

3. Refurbishment for Ion Implanter Tool
  icon Varian
  icon Axcelis
  icon AMAT
  icon Nissin

4. Tool Relocation
  icon Hardware/ Software and Process Capability for Metrology/ Lithography and Ion Implanter Tool
  icon Long-Term Partnership with Third Parties
  icon Capability for Tool Source Inspection
  icon Negotiation of Contract
  icon To confirm the required Facilities and Installation Time Frame
  icon To Provide related Spare Parts

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